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#sohotrightnow- February Edition

Another dreary winter month has come and gone and we are one step closer to Spring! But I don’t want to diss too hard on February as it definitely had it’s moments (birthday celebrations, snow days, a surprise engagement party, … Continue reading

#sohotrightnow- January Edition

It’s time for another edition of #sohotrightnow (January). Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked January’s almost over. It’s probably my least favorite month of the year  (post- holiday hangovers, crappy weather, crazy credit card bills, strict new years resolutions and … Continue reading

#sohotrightnow- November Edition

I can’t believe it’s already time for another edition of #sohotrightnow. Read on for a list of what I’m loving this month in the hopes that you’ll find something new you’ll love too. You’re welcome. 1. Fried Cauliflower at Mamnoon– … Continue reading

#sohotrightnow – October Edition

Oh hey dear readers! My sincerest apologies for my lack of posting, but I have been quite busy the past couple of months. Doing lots of really important stuff. Like, for instance, this- (aka- cuddling under the covers with Dexter) … Continue reading

Hungry For A Change

Wow…just wow. If you ever decide to watch one documentary exposing the truth behind health and obesity problems in America- WATCH THIS ONE. This film uncovers secrets our nation’s food industry doesn’t want you to know (like how they add … Continue reading

Juicing- So Hot Right Now.

Oh heeeey, SPRING! So glad you decided to stick around this time. Because you are a season of new beginnings, a promise of what is to come (hell yes, summer I’m talking about you).  And every year, when you arrive … Continue reading

10 Tips to Travel Lighter (And I’m not talking about your suitcase)

Allow me to reintroduce myself…. No but really, pardon my absence, as I have been on the go! Two weeks ago I was in Minnesota for work and I spent last week in Cabo with the MLB for some much … Continue reading

Don’t Ever Forget To…

Beauty Detox Foods

“Believe in yourself! Believe in your light and power. If you are really and truly authentically passionate about something, you will be supported if you relentlessly keep your dream in sight. You have to keep pushing forward.”

– Kimberly Snyder, NYT Best-selling author and my health guru and inspiriation

Remember that, betches!