A Simple Summer “Sammy”

photo (212)

Sometimes, a chick just needs a sandwich.

When it’s hot out, when you’re in a hurry, when you’re starving, when you need something easy but delicious, when you’re hiking, on a picnic… only a sandwich will suffice. Being gf + vegan makes finding sandwich options a bit tricky, but I’ve got a quick fix for you that you can make at home in minutes. Best of all if tastes fan-freaking-tastic and is easy on your digestion and your waistline.

The last part is important to keep in mind because not all sandwiches are created equal. So many now a days are made with bread (duh) that contains gluten (hello gut inflammation) and is stripped of all nutritional value and fiber. When your body absorbs unrefined carbohydrates it causes a spike in your blood sugar which leads to a huge crash later on, making you tired and even more hungry than you were before (umm…no thank you)! Then there’s processed lunch meat- laden with chemicals, hormones (such as sodium nitrate- YUCK), salt, sugar, additives and other fillers that are linked to botulism and cancer of the oral cavity, urinary bladder, esophagus, stomach and brain. And let’s not forget the cheese, which tastes oh so good but does not do your body good. It’s acid-forming, mucus forming (which traps toxins in your body), backs up your digestion and also contains a variety of antibiotics (like rBGH).

Depressing right? But don’t fear my veggie lovin’ friends- there are many good for you options out there as well. Just look for whole grain, gluten-free bread (Udi’s is my go-to), as many fresh veggies as you can pile on (containing lots of super- filling fiber), avocado (adds satisfying good for you fats) and don’t forget the fresh herbs, seasonings and vegan friendly condiments which add a ton of flavor without the calories (Vegenaise is where it’s at). Of course I have my signature sammy, which the MLB and I eat on the reg. Copy mine or get cray with your own version.

photo (213)

Simple Summer Sammy Ingredients

2 Slices of gluten-free whole grain bread, toasted

1 heirloom tomato, sliced

A few thin slices of cucumber

1 handful arugula

1/2 avocado, sliced

small amount of pesto Vegenaise, enough to evenly cover both slices of bread

Sea salt, fresh ground pepper and basil to top

1. Top each slice of toasted bread with vegenaise, arugula, cucumber, heirloom tomato, avocado, basil, sea salt and pepper respectively. Serve open-faced.

And you’re done. It’s a sandwich, it’s meant to be that easy.

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