Weekend Brunch

The Sunshine Omelet

The Sunshine Omelet

I am a creature of habit. Most of us are, but I really, really enjoy my routines. Monday through Friday I’m all about the glowing green smoothie but as soon as Saturday morning (or afternoon depending on the previous nights festivities) hits a smoothie just isn’t going to cut it.

BV (Before Vegan), brunch was one of meat-lovin’ boyfriend and I’s favorite weekend traditions. We had a list of spots we’d frequent, and one of our favorites was a total dive which boasted a huge “california-style” omelet stuffed with cheese, bacon, tomato and avocado. I’d always leave satisfied but stuffed, lethargic and ready for a nap.

Needless to say I haven’t been back since my diet change, but I still to this day crave that omelet (just not the way it made me feel). So I was beyond stoked to discover a new dive which boasts huge omelets and scrambles, breakfast burritos the size my arm (from wrist to elbow) and sides piled with hash browns and home fries. And it was all vegan. Seriously.

I was able to drag along meat-lovin’ boyfriend and call it sentimental but we both ordered the “Sunshine” omelet, the vegan version of our old standby. Stuffed with tomatoes, red onions, tempeh, daiya cheddar and topped with avocado and ranch sauce, I couldn’t have created a better alternative myself. Even meat-lovin’ boyfriend cleared his plate and declared it the “best vegan breakfast” he’d had.

So happy together

So happy together

So be on the lookout for some copycat attempts/recipes coming soon. But I may have to go back a few times first just to make sure I’m getting it right for you 🙂

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